The latest tech trends happening in our Industry right now

Tech is faster paced than just about any sector, so we thought we’d briefly cover the latest developments across key areas.


With the need to protect our business systems and data from the potential of digital attacks, cyber security is as important now as it has ever been. The currency of power is data and with over 25000 vacancies in the UK on LinkedIn, 70 of which are Lancashire-based this is one area of tech which looks set to grow.

Full stack developers

As we increasingly look for smarter recruitment solutions in tech, and businesses being mindful of rising costs, a full-stack developer could be the answer to keeping labour costs down. With their knowledge of working with both ends – front and back – the full-stack developer gives organisations 2 for the price of 1.


The DevOps space continues to thrive in tech through organisational demand for smarter ways of working. Automating processes and integrating programs or software into organisations is critical therefore DevOps engineers are in demand.


Like it or not, AI is here to stay and for many utilising it for business, it is proving an exceptional tool. Ask the savvy Burnley-based team at +24 who used it to make a Coronation game in just 24 hours!


The desire to gather data through smart everyday objects shows no sign of abating. IoT developers and engineers that are proficient in Embedded C++ and Python have their pick of jobs. It’s an ever-changing field and experience with user interface, cloud and analytics is necessary to facilitate progress in this space.  

Green Tech

As businesses and individuals become more concerned about carbon emissions, the desire to reach net zero is largely being facilitated through tech. Companies are also being driven by ESG data and targets and are therefore making investment decisions that generate profit but have sustainability at their heart. This requires the large-scale gathering of baseline data and reporting through intelligent tech and then manufacturing products or implementing process changes conceived through green tech.

The future for tech is bright. leading to a wealth of opportunities for skilled professionals.

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