The latest Tech Trends for 2024…Tracking the future, June24

With the remarkable advancements in these technologies

The Globant Tech Trends report 2024 Highlights.

The one technology that will remain to dominate the the discussions is is Artificial Intelligence (AI). But, others are also coming through and need to be considered. See below the highlight and link to the full report. 

  • Generative AI opens the window of opportunity for businesses of all sizes.

Globant has been slowly beating the artificial intelligence drum for over a decade as the space has heated up. With the launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, there has been an explosion of relevance and investment in AI within technology companies, including Globant. In 2024, the past year’s focus on research and innovation will continue as organizations define where and how to use the
technology to benefit their customers and users best. In 2025 and beyond, AI will impact how we work and live in more ways than we realize, and organizations will start to see a return on their efforts to integrate the technology

  • Quantum computing moves beyond science fiction, a step toward reality:

Quantum computing is still in an academic state. There is a slow movement from a theoretical concept to something organizations can ready themselves to benefit from. In 2024, many organizations will start understanding how quantum computing could impact their business, but only some will take steps forward. Applications in data and computing-rich fields, such as finance and pharmaceutical research, will likely be the
first to take interest and invest if they are not already.

  • Roboticsmoves into a new frontier: versatile robots:

Robotics has been on the technology scene for more than two decades in a real and tangible way. While other technologies are still trying to gain footing, robotics is ready for a reinvention. 2024 will be a pivotal year for the inevitable evolution of robots, where we will see multi-purpose robots take shape to increase efficiencies.

  • Blockchain’s remains a critical technology for specific industries, while mass adoption seems unlikely.

Blockchain technology has valuable use cases in supply chain and finance industries and a promising trajectory overall. However, we recognize major challenges for everyday organizational use. In 2024, relevant industries will continue to invest in this technology as they determine the ideal governance and find the way forward for interoperability.

  • While investment interest wanes, interest in 3D immersive experiences is still strong.

The metaverse struggles from a lack of practical use cases when matched against the current business environment. While a technology like AI is now approachable in the real world, the metaverse is the opposite. Mass adoption requires organizations to ask users to step out of the norm and into an entirely different world. In 2024, we will see a static interest in the metaverse, with peak
interest in the spatial computing space coming with the launch of the Apple Vision Pro in Q1. Key players will continue to invest heavily into making it an everyday interaction for individuals or to augment physical experiences.

Link to the full report from Future Today Institute:

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