Tech Leaders Round-Table Event on 24 January 2024: at Strawberry Fields Chorley

We are hosting a round-table event jointly with Chorley Council. There will be 4 tables and we would like to invite Tech Leaders throughout Lancashire to join us. Each table…

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“Europe’s Most Wanted” Software Developers are still the most in-demand

About the European Skills Transformation Index The world is increasingly defined not by qualifications and job titles, but, by the SKILLS people have and that employers look for!!! Now, How…

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SIX Tech Trends for 2024 – AI is now leading the way, is that “Good or Bad”?

In 2024, the generative enterprise will take center stage, by having to balance AI breakthroughs with risks to find competitive value while protecting itself. For IT organisations, generative AI is…

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KPMG / REC Jobs report: Oct 2023

Permanent placements declined at the weakest rate in three months Temp billings return to growth Pay pressures ease as staff supply continues to increase The Report on Jobs is unique…

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Skills Shortage on Cyber Security Professionals

In today's digital age, the need for cyber security professionals has never been greater. With every passing day, the number of cyber threats and attacks is increasing, putting businesses and…

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The National Cyber Force (NCF) has recently announced its permanent location in Lancashire.

The National Cyber Force (NCF) has recently announced its permanent location in Lancashire, signalling a major development for the UK's cybersecurity strategy. The decision to base the NCF in Lancashire…

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An insight into the latest labour trends in our Industry

The news that the

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The latest tech trends happening in our Industry right now

Tech is faster paced than just about any sector, so we thought we’d briefly cover the latest developments across key areas. Cybersec With the need to protect our business systems…

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Tap into over 4500 science and technology students at Lancaster University

Have you ever considered engaging with students from Lancaster University?  Our staff are always keen to hear from recruiters who might be interested in taking on an intern, or filling…

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The benefits of sponsoring local, overseas Graduates. A Guide to the Immigration Law & application process.

Applying for a sponsor licence You will need to be an approved sponsor by the Home Office if you wish to employ a non-settled worker or an individual that otherwise…

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