SIX Tech Trends for 2024 – AI is now leading the way, is that “Good or Bad”?

In 2024, the generative enterprise will take center stage, by having to balance AI breakthroughs with risks to find competitive value while protecting itself.

For IT organisations, generative AI is bending the technology curve exponentially, and ushering in the next sea change that can’t be ignored. IT must work now to enable new AI capabilities while simultaneously preparing a new set of controls that mitigates accompanying risks.

Fortunately, you don’t have to navigate these changes alone.

In Tech Trends 2024, we consider how technology leaders can balance organisational demand to harness AI’s capabilities with the need to protect the organization from emerging threats.

Learn more about the six trends that will define the generative enterprise in our Tech Trends 2024 report.

  1. AI-Driven Business Models
    Where will AI find the greatest business use in 2024?
  2. Autonomized Back Office
    AI use cases and tools must be selected with care to realize value.
  3. Spatial Computing
    Headsets or no headsets? What’s the future of mixed reality?
  4. Responsible AI
    Will CIOs be accountable for AI governance and compliance?
  5. Security by Design
    Don’t leave cybersecurity playing catch up.
  6. Digital Sovereignty
    AI trains on data. Organisations need to protect theirs. The data tug-of-war is here.

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