Skills Shortage Crippling the IT Industry

The IT industry may be booming across Lancashire, but a major skill shortage is causing headaches for the county’s business community.

Growing demand within the technology sector is leaving many employers struggling to fill vacancies, with Brexit set to exacerbate the problem.

IT is perhaps the fastest changing of all sectors; skills quickly become outdated as new ones emerge and that is where the problem often starts.

It is therefore imperative that employers seek bespoke support, otherwise, they could find recruiting new IT professionals a very frustrating and time-consuming process.

The North is among the three most affected areas of the UK with high-caliber technicians increasingly sought to support MSPs, SMEs, and start-ups and to also provide vital in-house functions at larger enterprises.

The biggest vacancy demand currently lies in Cyber Security, BI & Data Management, and Software Development.

We hear that more than 70% of technology employers are experiencing skills shortages and research also shows that up to 75% of candidates go through recruitment agencies when seeking a career transition.

More and more companies, both IT specialists and those with IT departments, are turning towards recruitment specialists to solve the problem, while they get on with running their own businesses.

The current climate of growth in the UK’s tech sector means for the foreseeable future IT businesses will be operating in a candidate-driven market. To continue to access talent that will add value to you and stay within your business, you need to ensure you have the right foundations. On top of that, using a specialist IT recruitment agency is one of the most effective solutions for recruiting the best talent available quickly.


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