Supporting the Tech community across Lancashire
A rich history of tech innovation in Lancashire from 1767

Silicon Lancashire is a rapidly growing and unique educational and networking platform for the Technology Leaders Community.

£34bn Economy

£1bn+ ICT sector

25% growth in the last 5 years

30,000 Digital & Tech professionals

4,000 Digital & Tech businesses

1,000 new graduate Tech engineers p.a.

£100m+ invested
in new high-tech
collab hubs
across Lancashire.

Welcome to our Lancashire Tech Leaders Community. We connect and support Tech businesses in Lancashire.

We are the 3rd biggest technology powerhouse county in the UK and proud of our innovation heritage.

We support our Community of Lancashire’s Technology Leaders with:

  • Industry news,
  • Regional & National Tech-trends.
  • Lancashire tech-news.
  • Events happening in Lancashire.
  • Common challenges and solutions advise.
  • Regular blogs and videos, presenting relevant advice.
  • Growth and Recruitment advice.

By sharing relevant information and providing a platform for experts to share advice.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Our county, Lancashire generates £1bn revenue from our Technology sector. We employ over 30,000 digital and technical professionals and have a history of innovation dating back to 1767. We are known as pioneers; we are unique and blessed with so many benefits and qualities. We have so much to offer and soon we will have the National Cyber Force (NCF) coming to our region to join our existing Tech Hubs.

The objective of Silicon Lancashire is to help connect and support our local IT/Tech/software companies with frequent regional news, awareness of relevant activities, events, trends, growth tips, hiring strategies, retention, and other useful information to help our tech community flourish and grow and reach beyond our potential.     

Gary is based in Chorley and is the founder of Silicon Lancashire. He has been part of the Lancashire tech community since 2007 when he founded

To support local IT/Tech/software businesses by identifying and attracting the best possible local talent.

To encourage local IT professionals to work within Lancashire by highlighting the many benefits that the local businesses and community bring.

Gary has built a Lancashire-based talent pool for local businesses of over 4,000 IT/Tech/Software professionals, both permanent and contracted.   

15,000 Software professionals

7,000 IT professionals

A world leader in Cyber Security & the arrival of the NCF

Latest News /Blog

The foundations of growing an IT business in Lancashire

The foundations of growing an IT business in Lancashire

When you are growing an IT business in Lancashire, there are a few things you need to take into account. Luckily for you, the tech sector in the North West…

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The need to move quickly in a candidate-driven market

The need to move quickly in a candidate-driven market

Operating in a candidate-driven market can be tough for businesses, especially if you have limited recruitment resources. Since the 2008 recession, employment numbers have recovered to a healthy level, and

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Skills Shortage Crippling the IT Industry

Skills Shortage Crippling the IT Industry

The IT industry may be booming across Lancashire, but a major skill shortage is causing headaches for the county’s business community. Growing demand within the technology sector is leaving many…

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Tips for Choosing the Best IT Recruitment Agency

Tips for Choosing the Best IT Recruitment Agency

As an employer, chances are you already understand the benefits a specialist IT recruitment agency can bring to your organization. You reduce the chances of a bad hire significantly while…

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